The Power of Authors and Content for Link Building

  Guest posting is actually a method of link building that seems to have been dead for the past few years. I have seen endless articles that discuss the latest advanced search operator that will help you find new guest posting opportunities.


There are thousands of SEO companies, webmasters, and bloggers that are all running the same kinds of queries within Google. This means that the competition you are facing to actually gain a guest post opportunity is insanely high.


Influential authors and bloggers have the ability to not only write great content, but they have access to channels that they can distribute the content through.  Additionally, these authors will often have lots of existing relationships with big industry publications that can be taken advantage of, giving you a competitive advantage.


 Considering this, it makes much more sense to be building relationships with authors instead of webmasters, especially when it comes to scaling high-quality link building.



Step 1: Finding popular content               




Finding popular content is important for a number of reasons. The first reason is that it allows you to understand what type of content seems to perform well within your niche. The second is that is gives you an idea of whom the top authors are, and the third is that you can see the websites that are benefitting from working with top-quality authors.


In order to know the types of content that are performing well, you can call in the help of a few different tools. You can make use of  BuzzSumo.



Step 2: Finding the content creators


The data that you get within the BuzzSumo export is awesome.  Not only do you get a list of the content URLs along with the social shares across each network, but you also get some information on the authors of the content.


This comes under the “article_amplifiers” and “article_amplier_images” columns. Now, you don’t get this info for all the URLs, but on the ones that you do, you will get the name or pseudonym of the author as well as the URL of their profile image.



Step 3: Gathering author stats


After gathering a large amount of data about the different content that’s popular within your niche as well as all the influential authors, it’s important that we have some metrics to understand the relative importance of each author. Likewise, we need to get information on their social media profiles, websites, etc.



Step 4: Finding the content influencers




By this point, you should have an impressive spreadsheet full of data on the top authors within your niche, complete with tons of contact information.


Before I go and start building relationships with these writers, I like to find out a little more information on who their content advocates are. By this, I mean that I will find out who is regularly sharing their content.


Once I’ve filtered down my list of authors, I build profiles for each of my main targets based on their influencers and potential social reach. For even bigger projects, I try to understand who influences them.


It’s a matter of going and entering some content URLs from each author to see who is sharing their stuff. You can then create a separate sheet for this information and use it to understand the value of each author.



Step 5: Building relationships with the authors


The next stage is to form relationships with the authors/influencers about whom you’ve gathered information.


The relationships that you build can have many motivations behind them and offer a host of different benefits. Of course, the main thing that we’re looking at here is building links; however, having influential writers on board can mean that alongside building good-quality links, you can be generating traffic, collecting lots of social signals, and increasing the value of each link over time.





From my experience, running simple “guest blogging” campaigns can often lead to less of a focus being placed on content. As a result, quality slips.


Just remember that content is key to getting great results from your link building campaigns, so this should always be priority number one. At the end of the day, your brand is being represented here, so make sure it is a true reflection of your business.

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