How To Differentiate Your Brand With a Content Marketing Strategy

  The only way to differentiate your brand and staying relevant in a competitive area is a proper content marketing strategy.  For you to come up with fresh and engaging content regularly might not be easy, but it is important to make use of content marketing strategy.   The only way customers know a good brand from a bad one is through content marketing they both provide. 

Many businesses approach content marketing strategy creation without a plan on how to differentiate their brand from others.  Always make sure you differentiate your brand through content marketing strategy.  Don’t waste your great content with a poorly executed strategy.

These are the ways to differentiate your brand with a content strategy


1. Positioning


Try to establish a unique point of view through your content to avoid blending in with other content being created in the same market.  To do this, you must learn about and monitor what the competitors are doing.   

Track your competitors through their most popular content, check where their most successful campaigns are platformed and where they are growing.


2. Create Engaging Content


Make sure you create high quality contents.  You can produce contents including blog posts, newsletter, videos, infographics.


Don’t forget videos can be used to help people remember your brand.  If you are comfortable using video then make sure you utilize it.   Video contents helps to increase the chances that people viewing your brand will remember it.  Don’t just rely on video, use different content strategy to communicate to your audience.


3. Define your brand goals


Defining your companies goal and mission statement is very important.  It helps to allow your customers and clients to identify with what you do.  Make sure you allow potential customers, clients to draw parallels between themselves and your products in order to differentiate your brand and make it stand out from the industry.


4. Create a social media presence


Creating a social media presence helps a lot in the aspect of communication.   You should create dedicated pages on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn with your brand name on it if you haven’t done that already.   This help you to have access to large number of audience who are not aware of your business or brand.


You can also share your content through these pages, interact with people who comment and engage with your post also, you can showcase your new product and giveaway to further differentiate your brand from the competition.


4. Showcase your social proof for an effective B2B content marketing strategy


After you have established communication channel with your audience,  you should collect social proof as soon as possible.  This can be anything from reviews, video testimonials, quotes and comments, as well as household demos of your products.


Social proof can be showcased in future content marketing in order to prove your level of quality and professionalism to the public.   Providing social proof to other potential stakeholders is the best way to help them make the final purchase decision in terms of your service portfolio.

5. Measure results iterate

You should never rely on any type of content marketing strategy without active performance tracking and analysis. Platforms such as Google Analytics are specifically designed to allow for in-depth data to be collected in terms of your content’s performance. This will allow you to quickly gauge whether or not your content marketing strategy is working and what you can do to make it better. Never stop tracking your content and how the public takes to your marketing strategies, messages, and products in order to stay in touch with the market.


Differentiating your brand from other companies in your industry should be fairly straightforward provided you define your goals and mission statement.

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