5 Proven Tips for Hiring a Crypto Marketing Agencies


Did you know that cryptocurrency was primarily used to buy and sell goods and services even though it has come to have several other functions?

Well, we should not forget that cryptocurrency is a digital asset underpinned by cryptographic systems (such as public-private key pairs, elliptical curve encryption and hashing functions), that uses an encryption technique which prevents the intrusion of any third party, thus improving security during its exchange. The fact that it is not issued by any central authority or government makes it quite beneficial to its owners, as the majority of them own cryptocurrency for investment.

Did you know that cryptocurrency can be mined?

Of course, it can!

What’s more, it can be purchased from cryptocurrency exchanges which have a similar function to a broker, providing you with the tools you need to buy and sell cryptocurrency with ease.
Although cryptocurrency consumes high energy during mining activities and also has price volatility. Nevertheless, the decentralized system it has in place ensures that it does not collapse during failure at some point and also benefits users with its cheaper and faster money transfer method.

However, there are risks you might encounter during the exchange of cryptocurrency. A few of those risk includes dealing with an illegitimate cryptocurrency exchange. You will only be able to successfully perform an exchange with the help of a cryptocurrency marketing agency that is well vast in the industry.

In terms of cryptocurrency marketing agencies, their benefits cannot be overemphasised. As they can detect the legitimacy of the exchange and also know what exchange to use in terms of the currency it supports, security, pricing, and withdrawal options.

“As the value goes up, heads start to swivel, and sceptics soften. Starting a new currency is easy. Anyone can do it. The trick is getting people to accept it because it is their use that gives the ‘money’ value- Adam B. Levine”

This cryptocurrency quote made by the CEO of Tokenly and founder of Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Adam B. Levine tells the importance of the adoption of new currencies when it has been launched in the market. To that end, it is important that while adopting new currencies, you hire the service of a professional crypto marketing agency.
This is not because you are not capable but rather because you have other time-consuming activities in your crypto business so hiring a full-service crypto marketing agency will help you in reaching your professional business goal.

Are you curious as to how to hire a crypto marketing agency?

There is no doubt that just as in any crypto business, you want your crypto project to attract as many investors as possible and in most cases scenarios is a very difficult nut to crack. Thus, here’s where a crypto marketing agency comes in handy.

Then again, it becomes quite difficult to find the ideal crypto marketing agency for your crypto project all because you want to get the value of the money and time you are giving out. So if you are going to hire a crypto marketing agency, ensure that they have the expertise and use up-to-date technological tools to deal with your project.

In the global crypto industry, there are a few crypto marketing agencies that deliver the best services, because the industry comprises both competent and incompetent firms.

Significantly, you should take into account the benefits a full-service crypto marketing agency will provide to mention a few;

Creating strategic marketing plans
Promoting and advertising your marketing across all social media channels
Managing and streamlining operations
Reduced cost for a whole staff of experts
Make marketing efforts based on budget
Produce greater ROI
Constant flexibility
Introduction of new and fresh ideas
Availability of optimized experts

To give an illustration of what exactly you are looking out for to get the above-listed benefits, let’s look at the case of 9 proven tips for hiring a crypto marketing agency.

1. Conduct Research on Services Offered

This is the first on the list when it comes to proven tips to look out for when choosing a crypto marketing agency. You have to know what services they offer because every marketing agency has its specialization. In other words, check out the services they offer and the ones they are skilled at.

Some of the services offered include;

Press releases
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Influencer marketing
Social media marketing
NFT marketing

2. Marketing Techniques and Strategies Used

What marketing techniques and strategies is the crypto marketing agency using? This is also an important tip to check out before hiring them.
There is no doubt that every sector uses different tactics during the marketing and so do the agencies in the crypto industry as well. These tactics include social media campaigns, community building, influencer marketing and campaign management.

3. Agency Reputation and Track Records

Working with an agency that has a bad reputation is going to put a dent in your crypto business. If you don’t want that, you have to make enquiries about their experience, history, and previously managed crypto projects.

Do they have experience in dealing with crypto businesses?

Most importantly, check out the period they have implemented marketing strategies and the results it has given them. See also the teams in the agency, are they professionals?

What about the relationship between team members and their personalities towards achieving a goal?

How well do they utilize teamwork?

4. Agency’s Connection

Have you ever wondered why the Ads that were done by the crypto marketing agency you hired did not bring in traffic?

Well, that occurrence might be due to the fact the crypto marketing agency does not have connections with top influencers that could help promote your crypto project.

To that end, you must take note of this point when evaluating crypto marketing agencies for hire. This is because when a crypto marketing agency has the best connections with key industry influencers, it assists in the increase of your project exposure and brings in high-quality investors for your crypto business.

5. Prices and Budgets

There are various shades of crypto marketing agencies in the industry and each of them has different prices they charge for their services. Some of these agencies promise to deliver top-notch so because of that they charge exorbitant prices and end up not meeting your requirement of doing a follow-up for your crypto project.

To avoid such a scenario from happening, you should select a marketing agency that meets your requirements in terms of price and budget.
Although, in most cases, the service you pay for is what you get. So if you want a good crypto marketing strategy including their resources, you have to ‘pay’ for it.

Nevertheless, do not make the mistake of hiring a marketing agency that does not offer the services you want. They must have a well-designed website that properly outlines the services they offer and how to contact them about negotiating prices or a ‘free’ consultation. Also, make sure that it fits your budget just right before hiring them.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of crypto marketing agencies that you can hire for your crypto business. Due to their experience in a wide range of marketing strategies and tactics like SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing and email marketing.

Most of them, when hired, will assist you to increase your crypto sales and through their influence they will help you with your brand exposure, also making sure that the marketing process is executed successfully.
Above all, ensure that you remember that before hiring a crypto marketing agency, you should get a free consultation where you get to discuss your business and marketing needs. Afterwards, they should provide their recommendations and price

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